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Wholesale Resin Chiavari Chairs

Resin Chiavari Chairs

- stainless steel reinforced backs & legs -

Important features of our

Resin Chiavari Stacking Chairs:

Chiavaris, in general, create a wonderful ‘airy’ feeling due to seeing through the chair backs, unlike any other banquet seating. This makes them the first choice by far for upscale banquet events, including wedding receptions. Durable and lightweight at only 14 lbs. Classic and elegant design Very Low Maintenance! Superior resin/steel rod construction Reinforcement: includes stainless steel rods in legs AND back support! Other cheaper resin Chiavari Chairs DO NOT have this NECESSARY support!! Cushions included at no extra charge! Cushions available in Ivory, White, & Black with velcro fasteners, or strings by special order Designed specifically for stacking, up to 12 high. Up to 7 high for moving with our chair truck A great resin stacking chair for: Banquet halls, wedding receptions, catering, ballrooms, hotels, graduations, conventions, and other special occasions.
Qty 12 48
Price each: $45.00 40.00
- call for higher quantities -
Resin Chiavari Stacking Banquet Chair model# Chiavari-RE50
Chiavari Seat Cushions
Gold Resin Chiavari
Silver Resin Chiavari
Mahogany Resin Chiavari
White Resin Chiavari
Crystal Resin Chiavari
Black Resin Chiavari
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Free cushions with your Chiavari Chairs! Ivory Black White
special ComboBuy
80 Resin Chiavaris +1 Chiavari Truck = $3370.
Extra Cushions with chair order only: $3.75 ea.
Resin Chiavari Chair, black Resin Chiavari Chair, mahogany Resin Chiavari Chair, white Resin Chiavari Chair, crystal Resin Chiavari Chair, silver Resin Chiavari Chair, gold Resin Chiavari Chair, silver  -back view Resin Chiavari Chair, black  -back view Resin Chiavari Chair, crystal  -back view Resin Chiavari Chair, gold  -back view Resin Chiavari Chair, mahogany  -back view Resin Chiavari Chair, white  -back view
Width- 16” Depth / Height - 16” x 36.5” Seat height - 18” Qty per box: 4 chairs Lightweight 14 lbs. per chair Pallet maximum: 40 chairs
Chiavair Cover Slip
Free Protective Cover Slips
Chiavair Cover Slip  -back view Cushion Details Cushion Details Chiavari Seat Cushions